Nigella Lawson has finally spoken out about harrowing court ordeal following the acquittal of former PAs Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo in their fraud case. The cook has been promoting her brand new cooking show 'The Taste' over in the states, but that wasn't the only thing on people's minds as she appeared on 'Good Morning America'.

Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson has spoken of her ordeal

The star has been embroiled in an embarrassing drug scandal after her ex-assistants accused her of bribing them with her ex-husband Charles Saatchi's business credit cards in a bid to keep a lid on her secret cocaine habit. 

She denied that she is an addict during the Grillos trial for defrauding Saatchi and Lawson out of thousands of pounds, but, following their recent acquittal, admits that whole ordeal was something that was hard to swallow.

Watch Nigella talking about her ordeal on 'GMA':

'To have not only your private life, but distortions of your private life put on display is mortifying but there are people going through an awful lot worse and to dwell on any of it would be self-pity and I don't like to do that', she stated on 'GMA', taking a brave step in addressing her personal woes for the first time.

Nigella Lawson at Isleworth Crown Court
Nigella has kept her head held high throughout the drugs scandal

Asked what it felt like standing as a witness in the court, she admits, 'I can't really remember exactly because you're so focused on answering the questions to the best of your ability that actually you don't really have an enormous awareness of yourself.

'Maybe that's a good thing', she adds. 'My only desire really was to protect my children as much as possible which, alas, I couldn't always do.'

Nigella Lawson at Disney ABC Television Group event
'The Taste' airs in the UK on January 7th 2014