Nigella Lawson is one of the most hotly discussed celebrities in the world right now, and all for the wrong reasons too, as her supposed drug habits look unlikely to disappear any time soon. With her reputation on the verge of being in tatters, Nigella will look to address these rumours once and for all and to set the record straight, taking to one of the biggest platforms on television to deliver her side of the story.

Nigella Lawson
Nigella was a media darling and regarded as a domestic goddess before the recent allegations emerged

In the ongoing court case against former assistants Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo for fraud, the pair insisted that Nigella has a insatiable drug habit, with their remarks backed up by an email from Nigella's former husband Charles Saatchi. Nigella has so far avoided discussing the scandal in public and when she appears at Isleworth Crown Court to give evidence against the defendants, she plans on only answering questions about the case. But Nigella isn't avoiding the scandal, just waiting for the right moment to address it, taking to one of the biggest stages around to finally address it.

Nigella is determined to “set the record straight” and address the rumours persistently surrounding her personal life, and thinks that appearing on Oprah Winfrey's chat show will be the perfect platform for her to do so. Speaking with The Mirror, a source close to Nigella revealed that the celebrity chef thinks that Oprah's high audience numbers and history of revealing celebrity tell-alls is the perfect platform for her to address the rumours, not to mention that an appearance on Oprah would also capitalise on her success in the US, where she appears on the hit show The Taste.

Nigella Lawson London
The scandal has run Nigella ragged

“For the moment she is determined to maintain a dignified silence even though so much has been said about her life," a source close to Nigella told The Mirror. "She has asked her family and close friends to say nothing because she wants to go on TV, have her say and then try to move on. Her career is really taking off in the States which is why she and her team are keen on Oprah.”

As the furore surrounding her supposed drug habits continues to get out of hand, those close to Nigella have also revealed that once her ongoing courtcase is over, she plans on moving to the US and making a fresh start. In the face of the recent drug allegations, ABC recently said that they will continue to stand by Nigella and The Taste, which returns to air in January. Nigella is expected to take the stand in the fraud court case at the beginning of November, with the case expected to last no more than for another two weeks.

Nigella Lawson long
Nigella wants to set the record straight once and for all