The Girls Girls Girls stars will play their last ever show together at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve (31Dec15), and although they will be retiring from the live circuit, the musicians previously claimed Motley Crue would not be splitting up.

Sixx even revealed they would probably continue to release new material on a song-by-song basis, but now it appears he has had a change of heart.

In a candid interview with Texas radio station 97.1 The Eagle Rocks, Sixx says, "In my opinion, yes, we're breaking up. We're done as a touring band. If you don't tour, you're not a band in a sense... Will we re-release our songs? Will they come out in movies...? (Maybe), but I don't believe we're a band anymore after that."

Asked about the possibility of the group heading back into the studio, he added, "I don't personally see a reason why not. I mean, the door's not shut. But my belief is you make music to tour. And, you know, nowadays music is not the sole purpose anymore, even though we all love music (and) we live music...

"I think (Motley Crue will be) a brotherhood and not a band. We're gonna call each other and say things like, 'Hey, this movie's coming up. What do you think? We can put one of our songs in it. It'll be the 10th anniversary of us breaking up.' But I don't see a purpose to go in the studio and write songs."

And Sixx is already lining up his schedule to keep him busy for the next couple of years: "What I'm doing right now with my other band, SIXX: A.M., I'm making a double album, and I'm gonna go on tour for two years."

Motley Crue announced plans for The Final Tour in January, 2014, and even signed a formal "cessation of touring" contract which legally prevents any of the members from hitting the road again under the band name.