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13th January 2016

Quote: "Bowie not only inspired me as a songwriter but inspired me to add layers to my creativity as an artist. People are meant to evolve. It's a natural part of life, but so many artists become stagnant. Bowie showed us that it's not only important to evolve as artists but mandatory... Bowie was my hero and always will be." Former Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx adds his tribute to those pouring in for David Bowie, who lost his battle with cancer on Sunday (10Jan16).

3rd December 2015

Tweet: "Packing for the last time I ever leave on tour with @MotleyCrue.Tomorrow mark's just 15 shows left... Gonna enjoy every moment..#RIPMotleyCrue". Rocker Nikki Sixx is starting to get sentimental as he prepares to bid farewell to his Motley Crue days. The band is on the last leg of a final tour, which will wrap up in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve (31Dec15).

11th August 2015

Quote: "I mean, The Who is cool and all but, guys, really? They’re playing half-full places with just two guys left in the band." Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx takes aim at rockers The Who for rocking on in their 70s.

5th May 2015

Quote: "The day Motley Crue plays its last show, I will never play another Motley Crue song again...even if it's one I wrote." MOTLEY CRUE rocker Nikki Sixx is adamant the band's retirement at the end of the year (15) is for good.

28th January 2015

Tweet: "No way on earth the Pats can beat @Seahawks. If they do I'll play a song naked onstage and you don't wanna see that... #GoHawks." Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx offers to perform naked if the New England Patriots beat his Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Sunday (01Feb15).

22nd January 2015

Quote: "We're talking about ending it at the stroke of midnight. When they drop the ball, they drop the ball on us." Nikki Sixx on his plans for Motley Crue's final show on New Year's Eve (31Dec15) in Los Angeles.

12th January 2015

Quote: "They have a different sound and their own unique vibe which is what new music is all about. Thank you to the fan that tweeted me the picture and reminded me of this moment years ago. So much more could be said but I am sure you can imagine how cool this was." Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx was thrilled to catch his sons Storm and Gunner's band Figs' gig at the Troubadour in Los Angeles last week (ends09Jan15). Motley Crue played one of their first gigs at the same venue 33 years ago.

23rd March 2014

Fact: Rocker Nikki Sixx has been celebrating his recent nuptials to model Courtney Bingham in Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The Motley Crue star wed his longtime girlfriend in California earlier this month (Mar14) and he has been sharing pictures from his exotic honeymoon with fans online.

8th July 2013

Tweet: "I was watching a guy rapping really bad on SNL and I thought it was a skit but it turned out to be MACklemore." Rocker Nikki Sixx isn't a fan of the Thrift Shop hitmaker.

29th May 2013

Tweet: "Almost finished reading 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith. She is not only well versed as a writer but inspirational as a multi talented artist." Rocker Nikki Sixx is a fan of the punk icon's 2010 memoir, which documents her relationship with late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

31st January 2013

Tweet: "Had my heart checked today and they said after all I've put myself through miraculously I have the heart of healthy 30 year old woman." Rocker Nikki Sixx, 54, is fighting fit after years of living the rock 'n' roll life.

17th January 2013

Tweet: "Happy birthday @MotleyCrue. January 17th 1981.What a wild ride it has been so far! CrueDay". Nikki Sixx celebrates his band's 32nd anniversary.

8th January 2013

Tweet: "2013 is off to a killer start with new David Bowie music.Cant wait to get my hands on it." Rocker Nikki Sixx is excited to hear the reclusive singer's first new music in a decade. Bowie released the single Where Are We Now? on his 66th birthday on Tuesday (08Jan13), and also announced plans for a new album, The Next Day, which is due in March (13).

11th December 2012

Tweet: "Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes.It really means a lot to me.Gonna celebrate all the love in my life today." Rocker Nikki Sixx celebrates turning 54 on Tuesday (11Dec12).

28th November 2012

Quote: "It was the most beautiful, romantic proposal and was a total surprise. Both of our families are really happy and excited. He is the man of my dreams... and now he is stuck with me." Model Courtney Bingham was thrilled by rocker boyfriend Nikki Sixx's Caribbean resort proposal over the Thanksgiving holiday (22Nov12).

28th November 2012

Quote: "Yes, I put a ring on it... I never thought I would get married again. It was just something that I didn't think was in the cards (sic) for me, and this girl changed my mind." Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx had ruled out settling down before meeting Courtney Bingham. The rocker popped the question to the model at a Caribbean resort over the Thanksgiving holiday (22Nov12).

11th September 2012

Tweet: "There are NO South American tour dates for Motley Crue at this time. Fans please beware shady promoters." Rocker Nikki Sixx warns fans not to be fooled by false advertisements for unauthorised concerts.

30th August 2012

Tweet: "Get well @eddievanhalen and back to shredding guitar soon." Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx wishes the Van Halen frontman well after the ageing rocker underwent emergency surgery for a digestive disease.

3rd August 2012

Tweet: "Double shots of cortisone into the knees yesterday. Ready to rock it tonight." Rocker Nikki Sixx receives steroid injections to treat his inflamed joints as he continues to tour with Motley Crue.

24th July 2012

Tweet: "Remember when @TheVinceNeil used to light my boots on fire onstage? What the hell were we thinking?" Rocker Nikki Sixx can't believe some of the crazy stunts he and his Motley Crue bandmates have pulled over the years.

11th July 2012

Tweet: "Congrats @Slash for your star on Hollywood blvd." Nikki Sixx is proud of his fellow rocker after he received a pavement plaque on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday (10Jul12).

28th June 2012

Tweet: "My Grandfather Tom is suffering from prostate cancer. Please say a prayer for him." Rocker Nikki Sixx shares his family heartache with his followers.

27th June 2012

Tweet: "I apologized & i meant it.I asked @ParisJackson if she wanted to come on @sixxsense to share whats"shes"up too and she excepted (sic)." Rocker Nikki Sixx reveals Michael Jackson's daughter has agreed to appear on his radio show after he upset her with remarks he made about her late dad in the run-up to the third anniversary of the King of Pop's death this week (25Jun12).

9th May 2012

Tweet: "Heaviest weigh (sic) I have lifted in years. Up 12 lbs (pounds) in muscle and down 4 belt loop sizes. KickA**Summer". Rocker Nikki Sixx is toning up in time for the summer.

5th April 2012

Tweet: "R.I.P. Jim Marshall. You were responsible for some of the greatest audio moments in music's history and 50% of all our hearing loss......" Rocker Nikki Sixx pays tribute to the guitar amp pioneer, whose death was announced on Thursday (05Apr12).

11th December 2011

Fact: Rockers Motley Crue presented bassist Nikki Sixx with a birthday cake shaped as a Nikon camera on Sunday (11Dec11) to celebrate the avid photographer turning 53.

1st December 2011

Tweet: "Sum 41 as Metal? Coldplay and Wilco as rock? Am I the only one confused by this years Grammy nominations?" Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx doesn't agree with some of the contenders nominated in the rock categories for the 2012 awards.

14th August 2011

Tweet: "Sitting here looking out the bus window heading towards home for a few days.Simple thought.Sobriety Rocks!" Reformed rocker Nikki Sixx is enjoying the scenery as he makes his way home to Los Angeles during a break in his band Motley Crue's U.S. tour.

4th July 2011

Tweet: "10 years sober, Motley Crue tour is killing it on tour and Sixx Am (band) has a number one hit... F**king Grateful... P**sing double smiley faces..." Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx is enjoying life 10 years after giving up alcohol.

10th July 2010

Quote: "When Ozzy calls and asks you to go on tour, you say, 'When do I start?' Over 25 years ago, Ozzy took Motley Crüe on, what some say, was one of the greatest tours in rock history. When he asked us to co-headline OzzFest with him this year, we were flattered and ecstatic. It is an honour and a privilege to share the stage with him again." Rocker Nikki Sixx can't wait to hit the road with Ozzy Osbourne again this summer (10).

7th July 2010

Fact: Rocker Nikki Sixx's career as a DJ has received a big boost - the Motley Crue star's The Side Show With Nikki Sixx has been added to the line-up at Los Angeles' KYSR-FM. The two-hour music and chat show will debut on Saturday morning (10Jul10).

18th March 2010

Quote: "I'm deaf in my right ear and he's, like, the opposite, so when we go to bed, we're like, 'Good ear down'... The first time he was like, 'I love you babe,' and I'm like, 'Who's Melinda?'" Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D and rocker boyfriend Nikki Sixx have communication issues.

24th May 2009

Quote: "I like boys who look like girls. All my boyfriends look like Nikki Sixx, amazing." Pop sensation Lady GaGa loves the feminine features of the Motley Crue star.

17th March 2009

Quote: "When the economy goes to s**t, entertainment is the one steady. That and alcohol." Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx, announcing the group's summer (09) Crue Fest 2 tour.

11th February 2009

Quote: "We were up for our third Grammy this last week and didn't win again, but I have to say that The Mars Volta, who did win, is one of my fave bands and they do deserve it, 100 per cent, so congrats from me to them." Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx is a gracious loser.

7th February 2009

Quote: "I don't regret it. I'm not an advice giver, but I do have opinions. You have to give them all the info and hope they make the right decisions. Forcing it on them is a mistake. It will only make them rebel. I tell them, 'I'd hate to see you make the same mistakes I did.'" Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx is honest with his children about his hell raising past.

6th February 2009

Quote: "I do everything and anything to not be a rock star and just be an artist. I focus on artistry. I'm just another cat who plays some pieces of metal on a piece of wood." Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx just wants to be taken seriously.

8th July 2008

Quote: "I hate the new Madonna record. When you hit 40 and you're trying to squeeze into those Forever 21 jeans, I don't care how good of shape you're in, you're officially a cougar (middle-aged woman prowling for a toyboy lover)." Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx insists Madonna should act her age.

7th July 2008

Quote: "I quit drugs, smoking and drinking, so I'm basically a f**king monk now. I don't even like my coffee that hot." Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx insists he's nothing like the wildman he once was.

3rd July 2008

Quote: "At the end of the day, we're just like a couple of old ladies with a tight bra." Rocker Tommy Lee on his relationship with Motley Crue bandmate Nikki Sixx.

10th May 2008

Fact: Rocker Nikki Sixx's tattoo artist girlfriend Kat Von D is so serious about her romance with the Motley Crue star she has had her ex-husband's portrait removed from her thigh.

25th August 2007

Quote: "Dire Straits' MONEY FOR NOTHING was about Motley Crue - `Money for nothing and the chicks for free... That little faggot got his own jet airplane.' They were in a store that sells televisions, and there was a row of TVs all playing Motley Crue - and that's where it came from. Isn't that great?" Nikki Sixx is flattered by Dire Straits' odd tribute to his band.

24th September 2006

Fact: Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx has teamed up with St John fashion boss KELLY GRAY to design a new range of high-end men's clothing, called Royal Underground.

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