Nina Dobrev has been learning how to cut hair.

The former 'Vampire Diaries' star is currently self-isolating at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, and has decided to teach herself how to properly trim tresses since hair salons have been shut down as a result of the health crisis.

Nina admits she is ''notoriously bad'' at cutting her own hair, but decided to learn through watching YouTube videos after a friend insisted she trim his locks.

She said: ''I've never cut hair. In fact, I'm notoriously bad at doing my own hair. I've been spoiled to work with some of the industry's best, but because of that, I've never learned to do anything with my own unruly locks.

''So when I told my friend his hair was getting so crazy long in quarantine, that he was starting to look like a Furby doll, he said, 'I agree, so cut it.' I thought, 'There's no way'. But anyone who knows me knows I like a good challenge.

''I went down a deep, dark YouTube-tutorial hole and watched all the videos. I ordered professional hair cutting scissors, texturizing sheers, an electric razor and went to work. I was terrified.

''I tried to act cool, calm, and collected for my friend's sake but I was super-nervous the whole time. In the end, it didn't turn out half bad for my first hair cut. I was pretty happy with it and so was he, which was a huge relief.''

The 31-year-old actress is also prioritising self-care during the pandemic, and has been taking care of her skin above all else.

She added: ''I've been doing sheet masks almost every day. Loops makes super-moisturising masks that bring that red-carpet-envy glow. Goop makes a glycolic face wipe I've been applying once weekly, and I've been using serums like Vintner's Daughter. My face has started to feel like a baby's bottom.''

And Nina is finally taking her own beauty advice by making sure she gets enough sleep every night to keep herself feeling refreshed.

The 'Fam' star told Vogue: ''In interviews, I would always say that my number one beauty tip was rest. But I didn't always practice what I preached. I was living such a busy lifestyle on the go, and was often exhausted. Well, over the past two months I can proudly say I finally listened to my own advice. And my skin has never been clearer. Going to bed before 9 pm or 10 pm, following my skin-care routine religiously, and waking up early feels so good.''