The revival of David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' is turning out to be quite the ride, with some epic moments in each nail-biting episode. One of our favourite moments so far? The appearance of Nine Inch Nails on the latest chapter performing at the Roadhouse.

Nine Inch Nails promote their latest EP on 'Twin Peaks'Nine Inch Nails promote their latest EP on 'Twin Peaks'

We knew that Trent Reznor would be making an appearance in the new series at some point, but we had no idea when or where. Now we know that he was doing what he does best with his industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails performing one of their latest tracks 'She's Gone Away' from their 'Not the Actual Events' EP.

In Part 8 of 'Twin Peaks', NIN appeared at the Roadhouse bar to entertain the haunted population of this creepy town. Previous episodes have seen the likes of Chromatics performing 'Shadow' (Part 2), The Cactus Blossoms performing 'Mississippi' (Part 3), Au Revoir Simone performing 'Lark' (Part 4), Trouble performing 'Snake Eyes' (Part 5) and Sharon Van Etten performing 'Tarifa' (Part 6).

It's not the first time Nine Inch Nails has collaborated with David Lynch. The director helmed the video for the band's 2013 single 'Came Back Haunted', taken from their last full album 'Hesitation Marks' which reached number 3 and number 2 in the US and UK charts respectively.

Their aesthetics are certainly very similar, though Trent Reznor has never composed a score for a David Lynch movie alongside his soundtrack partner (and now band partner) Atticus Ross, because his first venture into film scoring was 2010's 'The Social Network' and David hasn't done another movie since 2006's 'Inland Empire'. Trent did, however, produce the soundtrack for 1997's 'Lost Highway' which featured a number of NIN songs as well as those from David Bowie, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson and Lou Reed. 

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The ninth episode for 'Twin Peaks' is set to air on Showtime on July 9th 2017, with the whole series due to wrap on September 3rd.