Nine Inch Nails rocker Trent Reznor is backing down over his plans to retire the group, revealing they still intend to make music together.
Reznor recently announced the group would quit after a final show at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee last month (Jun09), so he could spend time on other projects.
He has already admitted the band will play three further concerts - and now admits Nine Inch Nails aren't splitting at all.
Reznor tells Rolling Stone, “What I specifically said or meant to convey is that NIN as a touring live band or live band that’s on the road all the time is stopping. I’ve just reached the point … where it has invaded every other aspect of my life.
"I have a number of projects that are not music-related which I have put on the back burner for a long time.”
The rocker confesses his main motivation for quitting touring, is the fear he'll end up like Kiss veteran Gene Simmons, adding, "I’d never want to be Gene Simmons, an old man who puts on makeup to entertain kids, like a clown going to work. In my paranoia, I fear that if I don’t stop this, it could become that."