The 90s feels like a hundred years ago now, but the movies and music of the decade still stick in our minds, and we still revisit them year after year with a stronger and stronger sense of nostalgia. We're celebrating seven of the most memorable soundtracks of 90s cinema.

1. Lost Highway (1997)

David Lynch movies have never disappointed with their accompanying soundtracks, but Lost Highway has got to be the best. Produced by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, the tracklist features some great alternative tunes as well as original music by Reznor, Angelo Badalamenti and Barry Adamson. Highlights such as David Bowie's I'm Deranged and a unique rendition of I Put a Spell on You by Marilyn Manson make it one of the heaviest and most haunting soundtracks on our list.

2. Tank Girl (1995)

A much beloved comic book character got the live action movie adaptation she deserved with the release of the 1995 film starring Lori Petty, and with it an elegant soundtrack featuring some incredible female artists such as Bjork, Veruca Salt, Hole and L7. And that's not to mention an awesome version of pop standard Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love by Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg (performed by Lori Petty and company in the actual movie).

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3. Trainspotting (1996)

For one of the greatest British movies of all time, we have a soundtrack full of (but not limited to) some of the greatest British musicians of all time, including Brian Eno, Primal Scream, Blur, Pulp, Damon Albarn and New Order to name a few. The soundtrack represented the rise in the Britpop movement, and certainly reflected the musical era at its best.

4. Empire Records (1995)

What else can you expect from a movie about a quirky independent record store other than an excellent soundtrack? It was a coming-of-age comedy that was ultimately panned by critics, but if anything makes this movie worth watching it's the music. There are appearances from Gin Blossoms, The Cranberries, Edwyn Collins, Toad the Wet Sprocket and Cracker, though the soundtrack is far from exhaustive. Watch the movie and you'll also hear gems from The The, Dire Straits, The Buggles, by Suicidal Tendencies and Daniel Johnston.

5. Cruel Intentions (1999)

One of the most underrated movie soundtracks of the 90s, this dark teen romance had some seriously cool songs laced throughout. We're talking Every You Every Me by Placebo, Praise You by Fatboy Slim, Coffee & TV by Blur and, of course, Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve. A weirdly British selection for a very overtly American movie.

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6. The Crow (1994)

The soundtrack to this gritty superhero thriller is almost as dark as the movie itself, but the most interesting thing about it was its use of covers. We have Nine Inch Nails' cover of Joy Division's Dead Souls, Rollins Band's rendition of Suicide's Ghostrider, and Pantera's version of Poison Idea's The Badge. Throw in a bit of The Cure, Stone Temple Pilots and The Jesus and Mary Chain and you've got a soundtrack you'll never forget.

7. Clueless (1995)

Everyone's favourite high school chick flick happens to have one of the most entertaining soundtracks of the decade. It's hardly the most sophisticated in the world, but it's full of cool punk, alt-rock and hip-hop tunes. The Muffs, Counting Crows, Radiohead, Beastie Boys, Coolio, Supergrass... it's no wonder we keep going back to this movie time and time again.