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11th February 2015

Quote: "We're friends again. We text and we're cool... I think you just get to an age where (you think), 'Why are we suing each other? Like really, honestly?' It just got stupid. Honestly, me and Dave Grohl, we had some gnarly times over the years and if we can make up, anyone can make up! And we're really cool now... (We realised) the energy's hurting (us) and the families and the kids, everyone." Courtney Love is grateful to have reconciled with her late husband Kurt Cobain's former Nirvana bandmate Dave Grohl after spending two decades fighting over the rights to the band's back catalogue.

17th April 2014

Fact: A secret show by the surviving members of Nirvana in New York City on 10 April (14) was caught on camera. The gig at a small bar in Brooklyn featured Joan Jett, St. Vincent and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon filling in for late frontman Kurt Cobain on lead vocals and came shortly after their performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It is not yet known if the stars plan to release the footage.

17th April 2014

Quote: "We haven't even talked about it. We looked at that evening as a night that may never happen again. That's what made it so powerful and beautiful and meaningful. And it may never happen again, so we made the most of it. And it was f**king great." Dave Grohl is adamant the Nirvana reunion on the night of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony this month (Apr14) was a one-off.

14th April 2014

Quote: "I feel we conjured the spirit of the band, and we could not have done that alone. This, for me, is a bittersweet notion as we all miss Kurt so much. But considering we were inducted, the show had to go on." Rocker Krist Novoselic is proud of the performance he and his Nirvana bandmate Dave Grohl put on at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony last week (10Apr14). The pair was joined by Joan Jett, Lorde, St. Vincent and Kim Gordon to sing lead on hits like Smells Like Teen Spirit and Lithium in place of late frontman Kurt Cobain.

11th April 2014

Tweet: "So honoured and happy I got to help celebrate Nirvana's rock and roll hall of fame induction tonight. true f**king rock stars, all, forever." Pop star Lorde was delighted after performing with the surviving members of rock band Nirvana at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Thursday (10Apr14).

11th April 2014

Fact: Teenage pop star Lorde was an odd choice to join Nirvana onstage for a performance of All Apologies at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Thursday (10Apr14) - the Royals hitmaker, 17, wasn't even born when frontman Kurt Cobain died in 1994.

10th April 2014

Quote: "It's bittersweet because our friend Kurt has been gone 20 years. So it's a good way to remember him. He should be here." Nirvana star Krist Novoselic is upset his late bandmate Kurt Cobain will not be present on Thursday (10Apr14) when they are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

27th December 2013

Fact: The town of Hoquiam, Washington has named 10 April, 2014 'Nirvana Day' to coincide with the grunge band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain lived in the town for several months. It is just a few miles from the his hometown of Aberdeen.

30th July 2013

Fact: A remastered version of Nirvana's final studio album, In Utero, is to be released later this year (13) to mark the record's 20th anniversary. The special edition will also contain demo tracks and live recordings. It is scheduled for release in September (13), 20 years to the month since the original first hit stores.

29th February 2012

Fact: Former Hole star Eric Erlandson has written a poetry book inspired by the death of Nirvana star Kuirt Cobain - the late husband of his one-time bandmate Courtney Love. The book will hit stores in April (12) just after the 18th anniversary of Cobain's death.

11th January 2012

Quote: "So many bands haven't won. Maybe it just wasn't our time. But the kids seemed to like it, and that's all that matters." Former Nirvana rocker Dave Grohl on the fact the trio failed to win a Grammy Award for their landmark album Nevermind.

23rd June 2011

Fact: Bosses at Universal Music are to mark the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's landmark album Nevermind in September (11) by releasing a box set containing a remastered version of the record, a full-length concert Dvd, and rare and unreleased recordings by the band.

14th June 2011

Quote: "Smells Like Teen Spirit was the only rock song that (would) come on and you'd be like,'That one is OK, I can deal with that one'. I was young and I actually listened to the lyrics. I probably felt at that time I was rebelling and I can associate myself with that. (I could) relate to the things he (Kurt Cobain) was talking about in the songs. I probably couldn't, but I thought I could." Lil Wayne was a big fan of Nirvana in his youth.

3rd May 2011

Fact: Former child star Miley Cyrus showed off her rock credentials at a gig in Ecuador, South America last week (beg25Apr11) by performing a cover version of Nirvana's grunge anthem Smells Like Teen Spirit.

7th December 2010

Fact: Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl features on Michael Jackson's first posthumous album, MICHAEL, drumming on the track (I Can't Make It) Another Day, alongside Lenny Kravitz on guitar.

25th November 2010

Quote: "One of the things about the expanded Nirvana family, it doesn't matter how much time has passed, when you see each other you're immediately connected by that, by the good and bad things. When I see Krist, I hug him to celebrate our lives but I also hug him to console him." Dave Grohl is still close to NIRVANA bassist KRIST NOVOSELIC.

13th May 2010

Quote: "When you're a widow of a suicide you always get some sort of blame, whereas widowers don't get quite as much. There's a huge amount of guilt that I feel." Rocker Courtney Love on the emotional weight of her husband Kurt Cobain's death since the former Nirvana frontman was found dead in his Seattle, Washington home in 1994.

1st April 2010

Quote: "It is just sort of insulting... that all I will probably be remembered for is the fact that a very famous dude casually dropped my name in an interview. That this is as good as it will get for me, that I will always be subservient to that remark." The Pixies frontman Frank Black fears his biggest legacy will be inspiring Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain.

18th November 2009

Quote: "I thought I was going to be a rock chick... I used to listen to Nirvana and Metallica." Singer Shakira insists she's an unlikely pop star.

29th October 2009

Quote: "I don't need to be the lead singer of a band. I am, fortunately, and I love doing it. But to go and sit at the drum set and be the utility guy, like 'Alright what do you need? How loud do you want it?' I just wanted to blow those guys away." Foo Fighters star and former Nirvana percussionist Dave Grohl is relishing his role back behind the drums for his new band Them Crooked Vultures.

21st March 2009

Fact: Nirvana's back catalogue is to be re-released on vinyl for the first time later this year (09).

13th February 2009

Fact: SAMUEL BAYER, the man behind Nirvana's iconic SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT video, has signed on to direct the remake of horror movie classic A Nightmare On Elm Street.

14th January 2009

Fact: Famed British rock venue the LONDON ASTORIA will close its doors for the last time on Wednesday (14Jan09) after 32 years. The 2,000 capacity venue, which has hosted legendary shows by the Rolling Stones, U2, Nirvana, Metallica, and Pearl Jam, will be bulldozed to make way for a new rail link after a massive public campaign to save it failed.

28th November 2007

Quote: "Originally we wanted (girl group) L7 to be the cheerleaders; instead I think they got porn stars." Dave Grohl on the idea behind the cheerleaders in Nirvana's SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT video.

30th October 2007

Fact: Nirvana song BREED is to be used to help sell a new mobile phone in Austria.

23rd October 2007

Quote: "He's listening to Nirvana really loudly all the time, but I don't think I'll be COURTNEY (LOVE). It's never gonna happen." Actress Amanda Peet on living with screenwriter husband David Benioff as he pens the screenplay for new Kurt Cobain biopic HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN.

23rd August 2007

Quote: "We're the f**king JIM MORRISONs, we're the f**king KURT COBAINs of this." Rapper Kanye West claims he and 50 Cent are already as legendary as the late The Doors and Nirvana frontmen.

22nd August 2007

Quote: "It's kind of creepy that many people have seen me naked." SPENCER ELDEN - who was the naked baby in the iconic cover of Nirvana's NEVERMIND - ponders of the legacy of that 17 year old photo.

18th August 2007

Quote: "After Kurt died, I really resented everybody getting into Green Day. I was like, 'A f**king legend just passed, and you guys are listening to Green Day...' I was really passionate about it." Interpol frontman PAUL BANKS found GREEN DAY's success in the wake of Nirvana star Kurt Cobain's 1994 suicide intensely irritating.

20th July 2007

Fact: An upcoming episode of U.S. TV drama COLD CASE will feature nothing but Nirvana music in the background.

11th December 2006

Quote: "I appreciate the guy was in pain... and anybody shacked up with Courtney Love would want to f**king die, but still, you've got a duty as a rock star to inspire kids." Oasis star Noel Gallagher has little sympathy for tragic Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

29th November 2006

Quote: "Kurt Cobain used to listen to YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH." Meat Loaf is still boasting about late Nirvana star Cobain's pre-show listening pleasure.

25th November 2006

Quote: "I never thought I would be defined by the man I was with. It took me by surprise." Courtney Love was brought up in a feminist commune and never expected to be overshadowed by her late husband, Nirvana frontman KURT COBAIN.

3rd October 2006

Fact: Nirvana's 1994 concert film LIVE! TONIGHT! SOLD OUT! will be released for the first time on DVD next month (NOV06).

4th November 2005

Fact: <p>SAMUEL BAYER, the director of Nirvana's groundbreaking SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT video, is to make his directorial debut on the big screen after signing up to take charge of Bruce Willis' new crime drama BLACK WATER TRANSIT. </p>


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