Season three of Falling Skies cemented the Steven Spielberg produced sci-fi drama as one of the most popular and innovative shows on TV. Often under-appreciated in its earlier seasons, the producers appeared to get things spot-on during the third time of asking and we were left with Matt and the other members of the second mass on the road again after having defeated the Espheni grid.

Noah Wyle Falling SkiesNoah Wyle in 'Falling Skies'

TNT’s schedule is built around Falling Skies and the network released the second four trailer earlier this month – just the whet the appetite.

In conversation with, Maxim Knight – who plays young Matt Mason – revealed some semi-spoilers for season 4. 

“Matt gets his own story line, but it is temporary” said Maxim “We find him in a World War 2 style youth camp run by the Espheni and ear on Matt gets a love interest. It’s very interesting because I got to flex some leader acting. I got to play the role of a leader which was new and interesting.”

“He falls under the wing of Captain Weaver. Matt continues to express leadership traits, but he follows the leadership that Weaver puts upon him. Tom has never really been Matt’s father because he is always so busy as a leader. Matt wants to learn about war and how to be a good soldier and Weaver does that for Matt. We help each other through emotional phases.”

If you’re unfamiliar with TNT’s Falling Skies than you may want to catch up before Season 4. In fact, you should make it a priority. The Spielberg produced show follows a former college professor (Noah Wyle) who becomes the leader of a group of civilians and soldiers who struggle against an occupying alien force. 

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The series also stars Drew Roy, and Moon Bloodgood as a paediatrician who works with the youngest survivors to help them cope.

In the same interview, Knight suggested that the season 4 finale is “the most explosive finale yet” and that the series as a whole is the finest one yet.

“Change is important to the story, and increasing the scope is important to allow the story to continue. It is exciting, and I enjoyed season 4 a lot. I think it’s our best yet. I don’t know what they are going to do for season 5, but it’s getting ridiculously awesome at this point,” he said.

Falling Skies was never intended to be The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, or Twin Peaks – it’s unapologetically fun.

“While this sci-fi lark is essentially just another cog in TV’s annual invasion of mindless summer escapism, as we’ve seen time and again, capturing that tone and feel isn’t nearly as easy as it looks--one reason it’s nice to see Wyle and company soldiering on” said Brian Lowry of Variety on the show’s last season.

“The humans are still mostly good guys. Their dilemmas and antics--including blowing up a nuclear plant and giving birth to an infant who can stand up in her crib a few hours later--remain fun to watch” said Nancy DeWolf Smith of the Wall Street Journal. 

“When Falling Skies is clicking, it remains a very entertaining show that fills a niche,” said Chris Conaton of Popmatters. 

Falling Skies returns to TNT’s schedule with season 4 on June 22 and will run for 12 episodes.

In other news, Little Orbit is set to release a Falling Skies video game for Wii U, X-Box and Playstation later this fall. The game “will tie directly into the television series, with a scenario that will weave itself into the existing universe and feature voice work by the show’s actors" 

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