Noel Gallagher has made his feelings pretty clear regarding Apple’s new streaming service ‘Apple Music'. The former Oasis member has called Apple’s latest venture ‘arrogant’ and added that the service's radio feature was ‘some sort of George Orwell shit’

Noel GallagherNoel Gallagher has not signed up for his Apple Music trial.

Speaking to the Varvet International podcast Gallagher said, “Apple Music, world radio: is that some sort of George Orwell shit going on? How can you be so arrogant that you can say, ‘We now fucking own world radio.’”

“"It came up on my phone, it's there. What would I listen to? It’s not playing The Kinks. Unless there’s a fucking section that says ‘Noel Gallagher’s music collection’ then I won’t be listening to it,” he added.

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Speaking about the services ‘connect’ feature which allows you to follow artists Gallagher added, "Who cares what fucking Thom Yorke is up to? Seriously, who gives a shit? I'd find it creepy if everyone wanted to know what I was up to.”

The High Flying Birds frontman also expressed his disappointment at how music is consumed in the modern era with fan choosing to stream individual tracks rather than purchase albums. “If you tell me now that the record-buying era is over, that makes me sad,” he said.

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“That the culture of buying and believing in a record, that era is over, and the belief is that music is for hire and for rent, the money that you pay lets you access everybody’s music but own none of it: I think that’s a sad day.” But Apple Music is not the first streaming service Gallagher has hit out against.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in May he criticised Jay-Z’s Tidal service saying, "They were like, 'We're going to fuckin' save the music business.' And I'm just sitting there, thinking you might want to write a decent chorus for a fuckin' start. Never mind fuckin' royalties and the 'power of music.' Write a tune. Fuckin' start with that."