Noel Gallagher's children don't listen to his music.

The 48-year-old rock star has sons Donovan and Sonny with his wife Sara MacDonald, but has revealed that neither of his boys is interested in the type of music he makes.

He shared: ''They're not listening to me that's for sure. They listen to a lot of hip hop, which is lightly annoying. They listen to what they're mum listens to and she's kind of urban as well. Hip hop hasn't grown on me, to be honest.''

Noel also revealed he hasn't bothered trying to teach his children how to play an instrument.

He said: ''The funny thing is that because I was never taught I can't teach anyone because I just kind of magicked it up. So my lad has got a drum kit in his bedroom and a guitar, I don't know what he's trying to do f***ing at both of them at the same time or something. He's also left-handed which is slightly annoying.

''My theory is that if we have musical instruments lying around the house then they will just pick them up. I don't say guitar lessons today from three until quarter past. If they do it they do it and if they don't they don't.''