Noel Gallagher thought Paul Weller was ''bordering on insane'' when he used to drink.

The former Oasis star - who was recently offered a lifetime supply of Tennent's Lager - is glad his longtime friend became teetotal more than four years ago because he was growing concerned about his pal's alcohol consumption.

He said: ''Weller's all the better for being teetotal. He used to like a drink and an argument and there were times when it was bordering on the insane.''

While the 47-year-old singer is pleased Paul has ditched the drink, the star perhaps wouldn't mind if the singer/songwriter stopped driving after he feared for his life the last time he was in a car with him.

Noel - who cannot drive - added to Q magazine: ''I wouldn't say Weller's a bad driver ... But the last time I was in a car with him, he was driving, smoking, talking on his mobile and calling a cyclist a ****, all at the same time.

''I was looking out the window thinking, 'F***ing hell!' Mind you, what a way to go - killed in a car crash with Paul Weller.''