Noel Gallagher can hear the sound of his own brain due to having tinnitus.

The former Oasis rocker suffers from the hearing problem, caused by years of performing his hits such as 'Some Might Say' live on stage, and he admits he can often hear a noise which is similar to a ''whistling kettle'' which he has been told by doctors is actually his brain.

Speaking on Matt Morgan's Funny How? podcast, he said: ''It's the one (ear) I stand in front of my guitar amp with. It's pretty bad.

''I was going to bed one night and you know when you go into a bathroom when you put the light on a fan goes off? When you turn it off it takes a while for it to stop. One night the electric sound never stopped.

''So I went to the doctors and did all the tests and all that. If you can believe it, tinnitus is the sound of your own brain, because what stops you from hearing the sound of your own brain is this kind of protective receptors of what have you and when they wear away you can just hear your own brain. Mine wasn't that bad because I said, 'What's going to happen?' And he said, 'In a while, you'll get used to it, your brain will be listening to it just like your brain is listening for someone walking up behind you. Eventually it will switch off so you don't hear it.' So I don't hear it now, except when I listen for it, or when I go to bed there it is. It's like a whistling kettle.''

Noel, 53, also revealed during the chat with his comedian pal that he would like to meet-up with his former bandmates Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs and Paul 'Guigsy' McGuigan as he thinks it be fun to hook-up with the original band members again, although there was no mention of estranged brother Liam Gallagher.

The 'Don't Look Back In Anger' singer said: ''I have not seen Bonehead ... I'd say within the last five years. I have not seen any of them.

''I have not seen Guigsy since the day he left in 1998. It might be a laugh [to see them].''