Noel Gallagher is in talks to launch his own podcast.

The 53-year-old rocker has been getting ready to record his own digital chat show once his studio is ''up and running'', and has already invited comedian Matt Morgan to be his first guest.

Speaking on Matt Morgan's 'Funny How?' podcast, he revealed: ''We're talking about it. When I get my studio up and running we'll get it together. We'll have nice expensive microphones, we can even have cups of gin.''

And the former Oasis guitarist also revealed he plans to buy a house in Ireland, after falling in love with the country.

He added: ''I f***ing love it. I need to get a house there. I need to get a gaff there. You get the added bonus that you know your neighbours are gonna be great.''

Noel - who grew up in Manchester already has ties to Ireland as his parents are originally from the country, and he tries to stay close to his Irish roots.

He previously revealed he applied for an Irish passport immediately after the UK voted to leave the European Union - in a vote known as Brexit - to make touring around the world ''easier''.

The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker said at the time: ''I got it to make my life easier touring around Europe. But I'd always planned on ­getting one at some point.

''Could I see myself living in Ireland one day? Maybe. I'll live f***ing anywhere really.''

During his interview with Matt Morgan, Noel also admitted he suffers from tinnitus, caused by years of performing his hits such as 'Some Might Say' live on stage.

The musician can often hear a noise which is similar to a ''whistling kettle'', and has been told by doctors it's actually his brain.

He said: ''It's the one (ear) I stand in front of my guitar amp with. It's pretty bad.

''So I went to the doctors and did all the tests and all that. If you can believe it, tinnitus is the sound of your own brain, because what stops you from hearing the sound of your own brain is this kind of protective receptors of what have you and when they wear away you can just hear your own brain.''