The punk veterans closed out the Fat Wrecked for 25 Years tour in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and during their set, guitarist El Hefe, real name Aaron Abeyta, noticed a "beardo" man towards the front, referring to the reveller's prominent facial hair.

Abeyta noted that the man, wearing a tie-dyed shirt, didn't seem to be enjoying the band's banter, so an irritated Mike decided to call out the "hipster".

In video footage posted online, Mike says to the man, "Yeah, you know what? You have no business being here. I will pay you $100 to leave this show. Are you going to stand in front and bother me all day with your f**king tie-dye shirt and your beard?"

The irritated concertgoer refused to leave, so Mike then compromised by offering to purchase the shirt from him for $20 (£12.50).

The man agreed, and threw his shirt to Mike, as he exchanged the "offensive" clothing for cash. The rocker kicked the shirt off stage and exclaimed, "Now I can f**king play!"