Fans of AMC’s Walking Dead tend to get just a tiny bit obsessed with the show, but there’s one character in particular that gets everyone’s approval – Daryl Dixon. It’s not surprising then, that when the first Season 4 promotional photo, depicting a masked Daryl hit the web, the collective chatter of excited fans could wake up the dead (ha!)

Norman Reedus, PaleyFest
Reedus looks a lot less threatening without the mask on.

The photo raises a lot of speculation, namely, what on earth could Darul be doing? In the getup, Norman Reedus (the actor who plays the beloved character) could very well pass for a trainrobber – that is, if the show was set in the Wild West and not in an Apocalyptic wasteland, where, among other things, money is obsolete. Whatever the reason behind Daryl’s dress-up, the photo makes one thing clear – the man can pull off the masked look. Then again, it might leave the actor/character’s numerous female fans quite disappointed.

Norman Reedus, PaleyFest
Not that his fans mind either way.

Besides the still, this past week has brought on a slew of Walking Dead-related news. From “400 Days” expansion to the WD video game coming out on Thursday, to Emily Kinney, who plays Beth on the show, performing this Saturday at Saturday at Rockwood Music Hall. It might not all be exclusively Walking Dead themed, but there are plenty of ways to get a fix of your favorite actors and/or characters, before the show returns in October.

Emily Kinney, PaleyFest
Emily Kinney is also keeping busy over the break.