Walking Dead’s fourth season was a fractured affair, and one that got better with age. Once we’d recovered from Hershal’s death and the attack on the prison, our survivors were dispersed into groups as AMC’s zombie drama explored some of the darkest themes of its hugely popular run.

The Walking DeadNorman Reedus' Daryl is on the hunt with Michonne in season 4 of 'The Walking Dead'

The season’s finale offered up a beautifully poised cliffhanger to lead us into season 5. Although cliffhanger might not be the right word, given we know the people of Terminus aren’t friendly, and we know Rick’s going to go all out to survive, especially considering what he’s done to get to this point. 

“From what I know, it’s gonna be just completely insane,” Norman Reedus, who plays fan-favourite Daryl, explains to Entertainment Weekly. “I sort of knew I needed like a good month to rest to jump in. The storyline they’re throwing me is a thousand miles an hour.”

But twists and turns will remain winding, as Scott M. Gimple and Robert Kirkman are masters of the card-chest synergy. “Those guys are very good at telling you a bunch of stuff, and you sit there for an hour and you walk away and go, ‘What the hell did he just say? What’s going on?’ They’re very good at masking what they want to tell you,” he explained.

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So as fans wait for season 5 of The Walking Dead, tiny scraps like these will continue to pop up on the Internet to abate the withdrawl symptoms. And what we really want to know, if what Mary’s cooking up on that BBQ. Human meat seems to be the strongest rumor.  "I know what she's cooking, and people will find out next season what she's cooking, but yeah, absolutely. I'm really proud of that episode," said Greg Nicotero, who helmed the finale. "The Walking Dead" Season 5 airs this October 2014 on AMC.