Octavia Spencer loved wearing a superhero costume in 'Thunder Force'.

The 50-year-old actress stars in the comedy flick with Melissa McCarthy and relished dressing up to play hero Emily Stanton, even though she was worried that she would get too hot in the outfit.

Octavia said: "I loved the costumes, but I was terrified. I was worried because I run very hot, like 150 degrees hot! So, the idea of being in a super suit had me thinking it would be really uncomfortable. But I was amazed because the first time we were on set in ours we sort of naturally started talking with our hands on our hips in a superhero pose."

Melissa, who plays Lydia in the movie, added: "I was like oh my God we are real superheroes because we keep taking this stance. It was amazing."

Octavia also revealed that her co-star was more adept at doing stunts than her and that she would rather leave it to the professionals.

Speaking on 'The Graham Norton Show', the Oscar-winning star explained: "Melissa does a lot. She likes being in a harness and it's wonderful to watch her.

"Me, not so much. I love my stunt woman!"

Melissa said: "I want to be 20 feet up and spun around like a propeller while Octavia, who literally didn't have her toes off the ground, was screaming, 'Oh, oh, oh, not for me! Not for me!'"

'Thunder Force' tells the story of a pair of former best friends who mend their relationship when one gets superpowers and McCarthy jokingly described it as a "classic" tale.

She said previously: "Ya know, it's your classic story – childhood best friends become estranged and then reunite after the super-smart friend develops a genetically engineered technology that gives humans superpowers which allow them to fight back and protect their city against the miscreants that are destroying the world. And thusly, 'Thunder Force' was born!"

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