Odd Future star Tyler, The Creator and veteran punk icon-turned-producer Steve Albini are locked in a new war of words after the Big Black frontman called the rapper's band "little pr**ks" for allegedly causing chaos on an airport shuttle in Spain.
The alternative music mogul claimed he witnessed the edgy hip-hop stars being disrespectful to elderly passengers, hurling abuse at the shuttle driver after he asked a member of the posse to put out a joint, and bragging about the cash they had just made from a high-profile show.
Outspoken Tyler insists the Nirvana and Pixies producer has got his facts wrong, insisting he and his crew were not part of the shuttle fuss.
In a tweet posted on Tuesday (09Aug11), the Odd Future frontman wrote, "Feel Like I Have To Defend Myself. 1 Idk (I don't know) Who The F**k Steve Albino Is 2. I Dont 'N**** Everything Insight' 3. I Never Say F**k U To Drivers. 4. We (odd future) Never Discuss How Much We Are Making A Show In Public, Ever."
He adds, "Me Nor Anyone i Know In My Age Group Know Who You Are, Old A**. Surprised You Knew how To Use A Computer."