If you love Tyler The Creator and you love professional wrestling then, boy, are you in for a treat? We’re pretty sure the last time we covered the scripted grappling in any detail it was to document Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, so it’s a delight to report there’s none of that sort of business going on in this, Tyler’s new video for single ‘Domo 23’.

The concept of the video sees Tyler starring as a wrestler named Fookie Bookie. You’d think he’d have a pretty solid chance of it in the ring, given that his Odd Future bro Earl Sweatshirt is in there with him as the referee. However, given that Tyler is also fighting against another Odd Future member, in Domo Genesis, it’s clear that the gang are all out for themselves in this pretty amusing video. And it’s Tyler who initially comes off worst, taking a mighty chair shot from Domo and seemingly going down for the count. Next up he’s against a giant of a man, and again looks like he's taking a pounding, only to overcome not only him but Domo as well, with that classic wrestling move of, um, spitting in their faces.

The song will be part of Tyler’s new album Wolf, out on April 2, 2013. He revealed that the album had three different covers, according to Pitchfork. A tour to support the album begins in North America next month; Tyler will kicks things off in Ohio on March 12. Check out the video below.