When a bunch of talented young musicians, singers, rappers and lyricists and called themselves Odd Future, it's doubtful any of them thought of the their members would be nominated for Album of The Year at The 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

But that's exactly what the mercurial Frank Ocean has done with his hit record, Channel Orange. The R&B album, with it's iconic bright orange square cover, was loved by the critics, and now it looks like the awards judges will be giving it the thumbs up, too. OF took to twitter to air their proud messages following Oceans's good news.  "Wow... .., " the usually low key Ocean posted on his Tumblr in reaction before adding : "WTF." And an emoticon. "YELLOW SUIT READY? @frank_ocean MY N---A," Tyler, The Creator tweeted. "SICKKKKKK," added Earl Sweatshirt "@frank_ocean ALBUM OF THE YEAR NOMINATION IS WELL DESERVED PIMPIN," wrote Taco. 

Managers of the group - Chris and Kelly Clancy - became the most excited on the social networking site. "my heart is beating out of my chest... literally...," Kelly wrote before sending out a pic on Instagram."Album of the f---ing year. Wow. Wow. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha," an elated Chris tweeted before posting, "Got the eyes going. Hearing his mom scream through the phone is pretty awesome. So grateful. Wow."