Review of Eggs Album by Oh No Ono

'Curiouser and curiouser.' Lewis Carroll's famous misuse of English grammar may have a renewed application to Oh No Ono's 'Eggs,' an album which transports you to another dimension as swiftly as falling down a rabbit hole.

Oh No Ono Eggs Album

Eggs is at its best, quite enchanting and the disorientating soundscapes will have you marveling at Oh No Ono's ingenuity. The Danish five-piece recorded this album, their second one to date, in a remote country house on the Island of Mon. The band have gathered all the inventiveness they can muster, along with just about anything that you could utilize to make a noise: bathtubs filled with water, cathedrals, choirs and birdsong all feature throughout.

Of course this means that, if nothing else, this album is a truly memorable sonic experience - your ears are never allowed to assimilate for too long. This isn't to say that the pop hooks are absent. In fact, this is probably the saving grace of Oh No Ono as an outfit - you need something substantial in the middle of these flights of fancy, otherwise the swirling psychedelia would leave you a little seasick. Just as 'Swim's ballroom waltz starts to get a little dizzying, out bursts the sunny 'Internet Warrior,' one of the strongest tracks on the album, reminding you that Oh No Ono hold pop sensibilities in their hearts.

As the waves of trippy sunshine wash over Eggs again and again, the echoes of the Beatles and Animal Collective tune in and out like a radio frequency. Both these acts are cherished in part for being able to turn something everyday - the sounds of conversation, birdsong, traffic noise - into something extraordinary. They certainly do not rival the Beatles yet, or even Animal Collective, but Oh No Ono exhibit a masterly craftsmanship over their songs that should be admired.

Natalie Kaye

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