Russian singer OKSANA GRIGORIEVA's dentist has finally broken his silence about his client's alleged fight with ex-boyfriend Mel Gibson which left her with damaged teeth.
Grigorieva has told Los Angeles authorities that the movie star knocked out her teeth during a row earlier this year (10) and she visited her dentist, Dr. Ross Shelden, the following day to cover up the damage.
She swore him to confidentiality before revealing all about her fight with Gibson.
Shelden has since handed over to investigators photographs he took of Grigorieva's mouth on the day of her visit.
The dentist tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, "Oksana's been my patient for 12 years. It was an emergency situation... One of Oksana's veneers was knocked off and another veneer was chipped."
And Shelden insists his patient is not the gold digger some believe her to be.
He adds, "She's a genuinely nice person. Oksana really loved Mel. She is a great mother... She brought the baby in the day she came to see me."
Grigorieva and Gibson, who split earlier this year (10), are embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their baby daughter Lucia.
The Russian also claims her actor ex once pointed a gun at her.
Grigorieva's claims of abuse at the hands of Gibson have been supported by vile and expletive-laden taped phone conversations which purportedly took place between the pair, which have now been leaked online.