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23rd April 2013

Fact: Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA is moving on from the couple's tumultuous relationship by releasing an album of upbeat tunes called Love To Dance. The couple split in 2010.

26th October 2011

Fact: Michael Jackson's daughter Paris plays American football with former Bond star Timothy Dalton's son Alexander, whose mother is Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA. The teenager recently became the first girl in the history of her exclusive Los Angeles private school to land a role on the squad.

20th June 2011

Fact: Mel Gibson put his personal problems aside to enjoy a day out with his young daughter Lucia on Father's Day (19Jun11). The Braveheart star split from OKSANA GRIGORIEVA, the mother of Lucia, early last year (10) and the ex-couple has been locked in a bitter dispute over the child ever since.

18th November 2010

Quote: "This is about standing up to domestic violence. This is not to be silent about domestic violence. This is a highly publicised case... and if I'm silent... can you imagine how many other women and children that do suffer at the hands of a perpetrator and they have no chance to come here... and speak about this." Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA insists her main reason for talking about her relationship and break-up with the movie star on news show Larry King Live is to shed light on the issue of domestic violence. The singer claims Gibson attacked her while she was holding the couple's baby.

14th September 2010

Fact: Russian singer OKSANA GRIGORIEVA has changed her legal team for the second time in months as she battles ex-boyfriend Mel Gibson in their ongoing custody war. The mother of the Braveheart star's baby daughter Lucia will now be represented by Sorrell Trope, whose previous celebrity clients include Britney Spears and the late Anna Nicole Smith, according to TMZ.com.

11th May 2010

Quote: "It's obviously helping me with my diet. I've lost like 10 pounds. Unwilling. I think I'm still in shock actually. It's very sad... I didn't plan on being a single parent again." Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA on their recent split.

20th February 2010

Quote: "I always felt the poetic urge coming, so I've been providing lyrics and stuff for a few of her songs. I've been writing poetry since I was a teenager - didn't want to admit that to my friends." Mel Gibson's girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA has inspired his poetic side.

11th January 2010

Quote: "Nobody is without sin. You have to try to make amends if you can. You have to shut up and move on and not whine about it. And you have to deal with it like a man. Whatever fallout comes from it, you've just got to accept your own culpability. The minute you start whining, it's ridiculous." Mel Gibson on handling the pressures of divorcing his wife of 23 years, Robyn, and becoming a father for the eighth time with new girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA.

10th November 2009

Quote: "As well as teaching her piano, I would love to teach her the Russian language. I'm speaking Russian and English (to her) and singing lullabies in both." Mel Gibson's Russian girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA wants their daughter LUCIA to be both musical and bi-lingual.

6th September 2009

Quote: "There's only room for one Mrs Gibson in this town - and that title is taken by Joan Collins." Mel Gibson's pregnant girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA insists the pair has no plans to marry - unlike Collins who is wed to toyboy Percy Gibson.

12th August 2009

Quote: "I'm already buying things in gender-neutral colors. It's very cute." Mel Gibson's girlfriend, OKSANA GRIGORIEVA, insists she and the Mad Max star don't want to know the sex of their unborn baby.

12th August 2009

Fact: The song UN DIA LLEGARA, which featured on Josh Groban's hit album AWAKE, was written by Mel Gibson's Russian girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA.

20th April 2009

Fact: OKSANA GRIGORIEVA, the 39-year-old Russian reportedly romancing Mel Gibson, once dated former James Bond star Timothy Dalton.

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