Olga Tañón, the Puerto Rican Grammy Award-winner, is searching high and low for a doctor who can diagnose the mental disorder that her teenage daughter suffers from, after spending years working to discover what the rare condition actually is. The singer/songwriter's 14-year-old daughter with ex-husband Juan 'Igor' Gonzalez, Gabriella, is mentally challenged - yet the cause is as of yet unknown. 

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Tañón has now turned to the media in order to help raise awareness and help her search to find a diagnosis, and hopes that mental health experts will become aware and possibly be able to help her daughter. In an interview with 'New York Daily News', Tañón revealed: "We are looking for a doctor, a haematologist, that's interested in taking a case like Gabriella's, that's why it's important, because a lot of people read your paper... Gabriella at this moment is the only such case in the world."

Tañón remarried after leaving the former baseball star, Gonzalez, and in addition to Gabriella, has two sons with her new husband - music producer Billy Denizard.