Oliver Hudson has clarified recent comments he made about his mother Goldie Hawn, insisting he has "no trauma" from her.

The 47-year-old actor recently said he often felt "unprotected" growing up with the 'Bird On A Wire' actress, and said he felt "trauma" during his childhood.

However, Oliver has now insisted that is not the case, and he has lots of love, "respect and reverence" for his mother.

Oliver and his younger sister, actress Kate Hudson, 44, were born during Goldie's marriage to musician Bill Hudson, but the pair divorced in 1980 and the actress raised the kids as a single mum before settling down with longtime partner Kurt Russell.

Reflecting on his recent comments about his mum in the latest episode of his and his sister's podcast 'Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson', he said: "If you listen to the whole thing, it’s more about my child feelings in that moment rather than me and how I feel about Mom as a parent.

"I don’t know who I would be without my mother.

"I can’t even fathom it. The love that I have for her and the respect and the reverence that I have for her is beyond anything."

He jokingly added: "In retrospect, I’m just gonna shut up from now on."

It comes after Oliver - who has three children with his wife Erinn Bartlett - explained in an earlier episode of the podcast last month: "My mother was the one that I had almost the most trauma about, interestingly enough, because she was my primary caregiver and I was with her all of the time, so I felt unprotected at times.

"She would be working. She had new boyfriends that I didn't really like ...

"This is my own perception as a child who didn't have a dad and needed her to be there. And she just wasn't [there] sometimes and she came out far more than even my dad who wasn't there."

However, Oliver insisted Goldie was just "living her life" and was an "amazing mother" to him.