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Oliver Stone (born William Oliver Stone, 15.9.1946)
Oliver Stone is an American, Academy Award winning film director.

Childhood: Oliver Stone was born in New York City, to Jacqueline and Louis Stone. His father was a stockbroker. Stone was raised in a series of wealthy neighbourhoods, in Manhattan and Stamford, Connecticut.

Stone's parents divorced whilst he was attending The Hill School, a private prep school in Pennsylvania.

Oliver Stone attended the prestigious Yale University for one year. He dropped out and taught English in Vietnam for six months. He then returned to Yale, only to drop out for a second time. Whilst he was at Yale, Oliver Stone worked on a Troma Entertainment film, The Battle of Love's Return. He also had a cameo role in the movie.

Oliver Stone later attended - and graduated from - the film school at New York University. The director Martin Scorsese was his mentor at the time. Stone then served with the U.S. Army from 1967-8.

Film Career: Oliver Stone's professional directorial debut came with the horror film Seizure in 1974.

In 1978, Oliver Stone won his first Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, for Midnight Express.

Of Stone's earlier films, many dealt with the subject of the Vietnam War. 1986's Platoon is said to be semi-autobiographical. In 1989, Stone also made Born on the Fourth of July, another Vietnam film, as was 1993's Heaven and Earth. Stone added to his Oscar collection for both Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July.

In 1987, Oliver Stone directed Wall Street, starring Michael Douglas, who earned an Oscar for his role in the film. The next year, he directed Talk Radio and in 1991, Stone directed the Jim Morrison biopic The Doors, which starred Val Kilmer in the lead role.

Stone contributed to the screenplays of a number of successful films, such as Scarface, Conan the Barbarian and Evita.

In the 1990's and 2000's, Stone directed a number of films that were both critical and financial successes, though many brought with them a great deal of media controversy. In 1999, Stone directed Any Given Sunday, about a power struggle within an American football team.

In 1991, Stone's film JFK, starring Kevin Costner, was criticised for its apparent mix of truth and fiction.

The release of Natural Born Killers was surrounded by a media frenzy, with people criticising the film for its apparent glorification of violence. However, the film, starring Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis went on to become a cult success. The original scriptwriter, Quentin Tarantino, asked for his name to be removed from the credits, but was eventually credited with 'Story By.'

In 1995, Stone continued a stream of political / historical biopics with Nixon, starring Anthony Hopkins. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards. Again, the film was criticised for its inaccurate portrayal of the ex-US President.

Oliver Stone went on to direct World Trade Center, which was based on the story of two police officers present during the 11th September, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York's Twin Towers.

In 2004, Alexander was released: a historical biopic about Alexander the Great. Despite being one of the highest-grossing films of 2004, Stone felt that its success was limited, due to the lack of enthusiasm from critics. The film failed to recoup its production costs at the box office and relied on DVD sales to break even.

Stone then went on direct W, a biopic / satire about George W. Bush's life and his time as the President of the United States of America. The film stars Josh Brolin as George W Bush, and Elizabeth Banks plays the role of Laura Bush.

Oliver Stone has also made two major documentaries. The first was Persona Non Grata, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the second was Comandante, about Fidel Castro. Both of these films were made in 2003 and in 2004, Stone made a follow up to the Castro documentary, named Looking For Fidel.

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Oliver Stone attends a photocall during the 11th Rome Film Festival at the Auditorium Parco della Musica - Rome, Italy - Friday 14th October 2016

Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone

Snowden - Teaser Trailer

In June 2013, a high-flying 29-year-old government employee named Edward Snowdon suddenly found himself the most wanted man in the world after leaking classified documents from the US government to the media. An intelligent young man, whose army career at just 20 led him to join the CIA and eventually become an NSA contractor where he was faced with what he deemed as seriously questionable ethics from his colleagues, and those above him. Disturbed by the lies spoken by those around him and with a direct concern for the welfare of the people, he sought justice. He knew what such a move would entail, and indeed he was accused of being a traitor when the government tried to suggest that his actions had a negative impact on their counterterrorism programmes, but he knew he couldn't watch the citizens of Earth be continually deceived.

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First Look At Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Oliver Stone Biopic 'Snowden'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Oliver Stone Shailene Woodley

Filming has officially begun on Snowden, Oliver Stone’s upcoming biopic on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role, with the actor sharing the first image of himself in character via his Facebook account on Tuesday.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Could Play Edward Snowden In 'The Snowden Files'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Oliver Stone

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the actor and director probably best known for '(500) Days of Summer', is in negotiations to play NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone's The Snowden Files.

Joseph Gordon-LevittJoseph Gordon-Levitt is circling the Edward Snowden biopic

According to Variety, formal talks are yet to begin but both sides want the deal to happen. Stone is writing and directing the project, with Eric Kopeloff and Moritz Borman set to produce. 

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Oliver Stone Says 'Killing Kennedy' Is "Simplistic" And Admits He Won't Be Tuning In

Oliver Stone Rob Lowe Bill O'Reilly

Killing Kennedy is the National Geographic Channel's summarised view of the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy, a view that Director Oliver Stones thinks is skewed and hides a clear truth. The Rob Lowe-starring docu-drama will air on the network later this month, prior to the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, and when it does, Stone won't be tuning in.

Oliver StoneBill O'Reilly
Stone [L] and Bill O'Reilly [R] share different views on the Kennedy assassination

In a recent discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed moviemaker gave some of his own views on the death of the iconic president, admitting that he, like many others, believes that there is more to his assassination that a disturbed and disgruntled lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald. Based on the book co-written by conservative Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard, Stone conceded that their view on the assassination opens up more questions than it does answer them.

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Jennifer Lopez Apologises For Turkmenistan Performance

Jennifer Lopez Usher Beyonce Knowles Michael Jackson Naomi Campbell Oliver Stone

Jennifer Lopez appeared on Saturday (29th June 2013) at the birthday celebrations of Turkmenistan's president, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. The nation has a history of abysmal Human Rights, according to Human Rights Watch. Lopez has been criticised for performing, however the situation has drawn attention to the country and its leaders. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez at 4th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala, The Plaza Hotel, New York

Lopez is not the only celebrity to entertain unsavoury characters. Oliver Stone worked with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez; Naomi Campbell accepted a diamond from Liberian dictator Charles Taylor; Michael Jackson was harboured by Prince Abdullah al-Khalifa of Bahrain and Beyonce and Usher performed for Hannibal Gadhafi. 

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Oliver Stone Meets Julian Assange, Then Attacks Wikileaks Movies

Oliver Stone Julian Assange Bill Condon

Never far from controversy, Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone has conveniently attacked two forthcoming movies about Julian Assange after meeting the Wikileaks founder at the Ecudorian embassy in London last week. Stone tweeted a picture of himself with the political activist during the visit, saying, "A sad occasion in that Julian could not follow me out the door. He lives in a tiny room with great modesty and discipline."

Assange has publically slammed two forthcoming movies set to be released about Wikileaks - Alex Gibney's We Steal Secrets and Bill Condon's drama The Fifth Estate - and Stone tweeted of his dismay at the movies also. "Strong mind, no sun, friends who visit, work to be done, one documentary coming out from Alex Gibney that is not expected to be kind. Another film from Dreamworks which is also going to be unfriendly . I don't think most people in the US realise how important Wikileaks is and why Julian's case needs support." It's difficult to believe both movies will be biting hatchet jobs of Assange's character and Wikileaks. Gibney is an Oscar-winning documentarian, while the second is a big-budget Hollywood movie from the director of Twilight. Besides, for all its benefits, Wikileaks and Assange in particular have moral questions to answer. He is also wanted for alleged sexual offenses in Sweden. "Julian Assange did much for free speech and is now being victimised by the abusers of that concept," added Stone.

The Fifth Estate stars Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch as Assange, alongside a pretty impressive supporting cast that includes Laura Linney, Anthony Mackie and Peter Capaldi. It is due for release in the US in November - Oscar bait, in other words. Alex Gibney's documents debuted at Sundance in January and hits theaters in the U.S on May 24, 2013.

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Got Tickets For Sergei Polunin In Midnight Express? You Might Wanna' Read This...

Alan Parker Oliver Stone

Ukrainian dance star Sergei Polunin has walked out on the cast of the major new ballet show Midnight Express just days before its UK premiere at London's Coliseum. The production, based on Billy Hayes's 1977 Turkish prison story, was due to open on Tuesday (April 9, 2013), though Polunin - its primary draw - has dropped out.

The production's director and choreographer, Peter Schaufuss, said Polunin failed to turn up for rehearsals on Wednesday. A statement put the departure down to "unforeseen circumstances," which essentially means nobody has a clue what's going on or where he is. Johan Christensen will take over the title role of Billy Hayes.

This is familiar territory for the Ukrainian star, who unexpectedly quit the Royal Ballet last year. At 19, he had become the company's youngest male principal though shocked the dance world by quitting before he was due to appear in a production of The Dream, later telling the BBC that he was no fan of rehearsing and that it was only when performing that he enjoyed to dance. Fair enough.

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The Ten Worst Films Of 2012

Oliver Stone Taylor Kitsch Noel Clarke Mena Suvari Ben Stiller Vince Vaughn Dougray Scott Jodie Whittaker Zac Efron Taylor Schilling Victoria Justice Emile Hirsch Max Minghella Danny Devito

Most of these movies feature actors, actresses and filmmakers who really should know better...

Savages Still1. Savages

This heavy-handed drug-war thriller proves that Oliver Stone has lost the ability to tell a balanced story. And the all-star cast seems clueless about why they're here. Except a vamping Salma Hayek.

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Savages Review


Oliver Stone takes a stab at returning to a nastier, more edgy filmmaking style, but simply can't escape his moralising ways. Indeed, this film looks great, with whizzy camerawork and kinetic editing, and a willingness to travel to some very dark places. So it's even more annoying that it's all such a cop out. Not only are the plot and characters undermined by half-hearted preachiness, but the film has an appallingly trite voice-over narration plus a climactic plot point that feels like a cheat.

The story opens with a scene of domestic bliss, as sexy beach babe O (Lively) cuddles with her hunky ex-military boyfriend Chon (Kitsch) in their spectacular seaside home in Orange County. Then Ben (Taylor) arrives home - he's Chon's best friend and O's other boyfriend, a tree-hugging scientist who has created the perfect marijuana plant. They've made their fortune as local drug dealers, and now a Mexican cartel wants in on the action. They're visited by a goon (Bichir) who makes them an offer they can't refuse. So when they Chon and Ben say no, the cartel henchman Lado (Del Toro) kidnaps O to whip boys in line. But they go into action mode instead. Calling the shots is cartel boss Elena (Hayek). And there's also a Federal agent (Travolta) working everyone against each other.

The plot has promise, and the film starts well, with sun-drenched photography and some strong character-establishing scenes with Kitsch, Johnson and Lively. But once we learn each one's main trait (Chon's tough tenacity, Ben's peace-loving passion and O's annoying stupidity), the script abandons them completely. We never have a clue why Chon and Ben would fall for O, let alone risk their lives to rescue her. We never know why Lado is such a cold-hearted brute. And we can't understand how Travolta's character has survived this long. The only person we enjoy watching is the scene-chewing Hayek, who seems to be the only actor having any fun.

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Savages Trailer

Best friends, volleyball partners and entrepreneurs Ben and Chon run a marijuana business on Laguna Beach in California together with their mutual girlfriend Ophelia. Ben takes nearly all of the violence out of the cannabis industry, however, ex-Navy SEAL and mercenary Chon is on hand whenever force is necessary. The tight-knit trio aim to work together to produce the best home-grown weed in the world. It doesn't take long for the ruthless Mexican Baja Cartel to discover them and request a business partnership. On the friends' refusal, the cold-blooded head of the Cartel Elena and her enforcer Lado kidnap Ophelia, knowing she is the friends' weakness, which causes Ben and Chon to wage war against the brutal gang. With the help of an unwilling dirty DEA agent, the friends are prepared to do absolutely anything to get their lover back.

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Oliver Stone

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Oliver Stone

Date of birth

15th September, 1946







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Snowden - Teaser Trailer

In June 2013, a high-flying 29-year-old government employee named Edward Snowdon suddenly found himself the...

Savages Movie Review

Savages Movie Review

Oliver Stone takes a stab at returning to a nastier, more edgy filmmaking style, but...

Savages Trailer

Savages Trailer

Best friends, volleyball partners and entrepreneurs Ben and Chon run a marijuana business on Laguna...

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