Olivia Cooke's on-screen character in 'Naked Singularity' reminds the actress of her real-life sister.

The 27-year-old actress stars alongside John Boyega and Bill Skarsgard in the comedy-drama film, and she admits that elements of her character remind her of her younger sister Eleanor.

Discussing what attracted her to the Chase Palmer-directed project, she shared: "The story, in itself, of a young public defender who’s trying so hard to change the justice system, at the same time this genre-bending infusion of also seeing the universe collapse, and then he embarks on a big old drug heist was something I thought would be so thematically interesting to play out.

"My character reminded me so much of my sister, back in 2019, when we shot the movie. She’s a little bit different now, but she had her hair, lashes, nails and tops like that. Without completely ripping her off and offending her, I wanted to play a character like that, just in the guise of a woman from Brooklyn."

Olivia plays the lone woman among a group of men in the film, but she still relished her on-set experience.

She told Collider: "Apart from Bill, John, Ed [Skrein] and I are English and we’re working class, so there was a bit of a collective of, 'F****** hell, we’ve done well, haven’t we?' That was really lovely, straight off the bat. It was really easy.

"They’re just lovely lads, Bill included. It was really, really fun. The set was really joyous.

"Chase was so open to our input and wanted it to be as creatively exciting as possible."