Meet the new Miss Universe – Gabriella Isler – a 25-year-old Venezuelan flamenco dancer and TV personality. The beauty queen was crowned last night (Saturday, November 9) was crowned in a lavish ceremony held in Moscow.

Something is always bound to go wrong during a live broadcast though and beauty queens are by no means immune to the law. During her crowning, while the Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo (from the USA), was placing the expensive crown on Isler’s head, the cumbersome thing fell off. Unfazed, Isler grabbed the crown mid-fall and managed to recover with ease and laugh at the little mishap.

The runner up this year was Spain’s Patricia Rodriguez and the pageant was judged by a qualified panel, which included Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler.

Isler is the third Venezuelan beauty to win the pageant in six years and she even received a special message from the country’s president, Nicholas Maduro, congratulating her on her success. In fact, the country is known for producing the most pageant winners out of any nation in the world. Pageantry has become something of an industry in Venezuela, with multiple grooming schools, plastic surgeons and beauty salons has emerged to prepare young women for the thousands of pageants that take place each year around the country in schools, army barracks and even prisons. According to The Associated Press, beauty pageants are one of the nation’s favorite pastimes, alongside baseball.

Olivia Culpo, Nick Jonas 21st birthday party
The beautiful Olivia Culpo (above) passed on the crown to her successor in an emotional, if not entirely flawless ceremony.