Olivia Culpo always travels with an LED light mask in case she needs to zap a pimple.

The 29-year-old actress suffers from hormonal breakouts around her period, and she always makes sure to pack the face mask, which she uses on the blue light setting, to help reduce redness.

She said: "I do get that once-a-month breakout that is just relentless. One thing I swear by for fighting those stubborn breakouts is a LED light mask on the blue setting. I travel with mine everywhere."

The 'I Feel Pretty' star went on to share how meditation and journaling have "truly changed [her] life" amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

She explained: "The past year put so much into perspective for me and really forced me to slow down. Beauty truly starts from within, and implementing meditation and journaling in my daily routine has truly changed my life. I find that when I am my most centered, my entire body is at ease, including my skin."

Olivia admitted she is a "product fanatic" and loves trying out new skincare.

She added to Byrdie.com: "I wouldn’t say there is one specific thing that got me hooked, but I have always been interested in skincare ... and I consider myself a product fanatic! I remember as a kid stealing my mom and older sister’s products and testing them all out to see what I loved or hated. I love how we are constantly advancing in our knowledge of skincare. Just when I think I know the latest and greatest, something new comes out."

However, the key to achieving her glowing complexion is "hydration, sleep, and sun protection".

She said: "The condition of my skin has always changed based on my age, stress levels, and hormones. It's been interesting to see what helps and hurts my skin. Overall, I have realised the most important thing for my skin, no matter what, is hydration, sleep, and sun protection."