Olivia Culpo felt "ugly" growing up.

The 28-year-old model - who was crowned Miss Universe in 2012 - admits she was "really different looking" when she was younger as she thought her older sister "looked like a Barbie doll" whilst she was overweight.

She said: "Honestly growing up I felt really ugly which is a terrible thing to say ... I was really different looking. My older sister looked like the Barbie doll. I was overweight. I had to look myself in the mirror and say, 'Okay, you’re different,' because I was."

And Olivia recalls being put on a diet when she was 10-years-old.

Speaking to her sister Aurora Culpo on the Emergency Contact podcast, she added: "Our dad is amazing but our dad is like, Type A and has run over a dozen marathons. When I was 10 years old, yeah, I was put on those diets and I kind of realised, when you put in the work you get the results. It kind of all started from there."

It comes after Olivia admitted she was "nervous" about opening up on her endometriosis and she was "shocked" how many women got in touch to share their similar experiences.

She said: "It was something that I was nervous to share because I really didn't know if people would be familiar with the condition, and it turns out a lot of women are. I was shocked to see how many women have also suffered from endometriosis, and how many questions women have about painful periods. They're not normal, and they could get in the way of your fertility.

"A lot of women may have painful periods, they may not be properly diagnosed. They may never be diagnosed. They may not be getting proper treatment, or surgery in some cases. And then, they're 50, 40 years old, and they had never been able to have children, and then you realize, 'Oh, maybe I had had endometriosis that I was never properly diagnosed.' That's a common problem that I want to be able to use my platform to help. [I want to] make sure women are doing their due diligence and getting their egg count checked, making sure that if they do have painful periods, that it's not something that's affecting their ovaries or their egg."