Actress Olivia Wilde's scepticism towards psychics was confirmed after one mistook her for Ellen Pompeo.

The star, who made her name on medical drama House, was at the after party for a recent premiere of her new movie Rush, when a woman praised her for her work on Grey's Anatomy - a show Wilde has never been on.

She says, "This woman came up to me and she said, 'I think you were great,' and I said, 'Oh thanks,' and she said, 'I loved you on your show,' and I said, 'Oh thank you,' and she said, 'Grey's Anatomy, it's one of my favourites'.

"And I'm like, 'It's Ok, I get it, totally understandable, not on Grey's Anatomy,' and she said, 'Yes you were,' and I was like, 'No I wasn't, I'm so sorry, do you think I'm Ellen Pompeo? That's such a compliment...' and she said, 'No you were and I liked you on it and let me just give you my card and if you ever need something you call me'.

"She gave me her card and she's a psychic. I was like, 'Thus my scepticism about psychics'."