Wow, Halle Berry certainly had an eventful thanksgiving. The Hollywood star was forced to stand back and watch as the father of her child Gabriel Aubry brawled with current squeeze Olivier Martinez at her Los Angeles home. Aubry was arrested on Thursday morning (November 22, 2012), while French actor Martinez was hospitalized. 

Law enforcement sources tell that Gabriel showed up at Berry's house with daughter Nahla for a standard custodial hand-off. The model was still on the driveway when Martinez walked up to him and said "We have to move on." According to eyewitnesses, Gabriel pushed Olivier before trying to punch him in the face. The Frenchman blocked the swipe before Aubry pushed him to the ground and hit him in the head. The tussle ended with Martinez gaining the upper hand and pinning Gabriel to the ground. The male supermodel suffered a broken rib and contusions to his face while Olivier was left with a broken hand and neck injuries. Some reports suggest Martinez knocked Aubry unconscious in the fight, though it was the model who was arrested. Both ended up in ER at the same time, getting treatment just down the hall from each other!

Sources say a judge has issued an emergency protective order which requires Aubry to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier and Nahla. Less than 24 hours before the brawl, Gabriel was seen out with Nahla at The Grove shopping complex, catching a movie. Perhaps it was Rocky. The bloody fight caps a year of legal battles between Berry and Nahla regarding the custody of their daughter.