Olly Alexander has hit back at criticism of his concerts.

The Years and Years star admitted he has had walkouts on his 'Night Call' tour and said he has received backlash for not being "family friendly".

Olly, 31, told Metro's Guilty Pleasures column: "I am an 'in your face' kind of gay because I want to be. That’s always met with a little bit of pearl-clutching, which I love.

"I just did a show in Nottingham and it was amazing — the audience was out of this world. But it was the only show so far where we had people complain. I know a few of them said it wasn’t 'family-friendly enough'. There’s never been anything explicit or gratuitous about a Years and Years show, so yeah, I find the reaction to be quite interesting."

Olly was previously forced to defend his BBC New Year's Eve concert after it was slammed for being too sexy.

He said: "It’s because I’m gay, but it’s a bit obtuse to put it all down to that, because it’s about more than sexuality, it’s about how we relate to each other."

Olly's current tour is his first as a solo artist.

Years and Years was originally formed as a five-piece in 2010 before becoming a three-piece.

However, last year Olly went solo after Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkmen quit Years and Years.