Olly Murs is ''still struggling'' to come to terms with the death of Caroline Flack.

The 40-year-old television presenter took her own life in February this year, and Olly - who was close friends with Caroline - has now said her passing still ''hurts every day''.

He confessed: ''For Caz not to be here anymore is hard, it's difficult.

''I am still struggling.

''It hurts every day thinking about what she must have gone through.''

Olly, 36, said there's now a ''massive hole'' in his life without Caroline, and admitted he ''looks forward'' to the day when he'll ''see her again''.

Speaking on Vicky Pattison's 'The Lighter Side of Life' podcast, he said: ''It's mad losing someone you care about.

''There is a massive hole in my life without Caz in it. I think about her most days.

''I miss those moments of crazy stories - we would have the most random conversations about the most random things.

''I am going to miss that forever.

''It breaks my heart what happened. I love her.

''I know I will see her again at some point so I look forward to that day.''

The 'Troublemaker' singer has previously opened up on Caroline's passing, as back in March he said he was trying to make ''sense'' of the tragic news.

After 'Loose Women' presenter Andrea McLean shared her condolences, a visibly emotional Olly said on the ITV show: ''It's been tough, even you saying them words it doesn't really make sense to me yet - I'm still really coming to terms with it. It was a massive shock, I was on holiday at the time.

''The last couple of weeks has been ... it's so hard to even talk about it, to be honest.''

Olly said he hasn't turned to counselling in order to cope with the tragedy, but he has looked towards his close friends and family since Caroline's death was announced.

He confessed: ''It's been tough. I never thought I'd never see her again. I love her to bits and I'm going to miss her.''