The Olsen Twins would love to open their own fashion shop.

Mary-Kate and Ashley - who co-run fashion ranges The Row and Elizabeth and James - are keen to open their first store, but believe it is a big undertaking and are unsure when it might happen.

Ashley said: "I think every designer would say they'd love to open their own store, just because when you produce a collection, this whole room will be filled with God only knows how many racks and 150 pieces. What hits the stores is maybe ten pieces, in different colourway. So it would be nice to be able to represent it in your own way.

"But it's all a matter of timing and when it makes sense, and it's a really big undertaking, so it depends."

The 24-year-old identical twins are well known for their unusual style decisions, and Ashley admits a lot of their clothes are chosen because they don't want people to take their pictures while they are out in public.

She added: "That moment for us was us waking up, going to school, and not wanting anyone to take our picture. Kind of a piece of protection."