So the clean-cut guys of One Direction (two of them, anyway) have been caught on video smoking weed. It’s not entirely surprising, especially to anyone familiar with celebrity culture. In fact, the drugs bust is now a rite of passage, as common as the coming of age album or the risqué awards show performance. And while for some celebrities, the drugs bust spells the beginning of the end, others have managed to build careers (or transition into adulthood) on the back of drugs charges.

One Direction
Don't worry, 1D can still recover from this.

5. Kate Mosss waif-ish look and thin frame have attracted accusations of drug abuse ever since she first came on the scene in the late 80s/early 90s. Back then, Moss kept pushing away claims of drug use and eating disorders, but the rumors never died down – until she was actually outed for taking cocaine in 2005. But the then 31-year-old model had never had a spotless reputation to begin with, so instead of ruining her career, the drug scandal re-started it. In the wake of her cocaine scandal, Moss was hired by eighteen top fashion and cosmetic brands, including Rimmel, Agent Provocateur, Virgin Mobile, Calvin Klein Jeans and Burberry. Moss designed a collection, in collaboration with Katy England, for Topshop. One year after her drug scandal, Moss won the Model of the Year prize at the British Fashion Awards, dividing public opinion once again.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss has been rocking the heroin chic look since the 90s.

4. Rihanna. RiRi played the good girl card for like two seconds at the very beginning of her career (she did start performing as a teenager, so that makes sense even for legal reasons.) As soon as her third album was out however, the claws also came out or, in her case, the suspicious, cocaine-like substances, taken from a random guy’s head at Coachella. These days, Rihanna is the queen of scandal – be it with her music or personal life. Clearly, it all worked out for her.

Good girl gone bad indeed.