3. Demi Lovato. Lovato is a former Disney starlet, so the fall from grace sort of goes with the territory. We had to put her on the list, though, if only because of the way she has handled herself since. Lovato went into rehab for her eating disorder in 2010. She then returned with a moderately successful, emotionally charged album in 2011 and took a job as a judge on the X Factor. While Demi might not be the subject of teen mania these days, she remains an outspoken advocate for healthy living, mental health and self care. Hats off to you, Miss Lovato.

2. Miley Cyrus. Miley also walked the well trodden path of the Disney starlet, until she turned 18 and went rogue. So far she's twerked on Robin Thicke, made frequent and clear drug references and even lit up on stage at the MTV EGSUnlike a lot of her fellow actress/singers however, Miley’s image change looks completely intentional and controlled. Don’t be fooled by the references to weed and Molly or the on-stage twerking – this is no train wreck. Miley Cyrus knows exactly what she’s doing.

Miley Cyrus
Oh, Miley.

1. This one is debatable, but we’re giving the top spot to Cara Delevingne. Why? Girl dropped an actual bag full of *cough* “a suspicious white powder substance”, as per the Daily Mail out on the street earlier this month, but still managed to avoid an actual scandal. Maybe it’s expected at this point or maybe Cara just has a killer PR team, but when that kind of blunder doesn’t even slow down your career, you know you’ve made it.

Watch Rita Ora And Cara Delevingne Hit A London Nightclub in the video below.

So don’t worry, 1D. This doesn’t have to be the beginning of a Bieber-esque spiral into chaos. If these celebrities can come back stronger, better and even more successful from complete meltdowns, that pot smoking video isn’t even worth worrying about.