Harry Styles is on a health kick and he's not drinking this Christmas! We shouldn't feel too sorry for him though as Styles is seeing his new found teetotalism as a challenge. 

Harry Styles
Harry Styles at the BBC Music Awards in December 2014.

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Styles is currently on a fitness regime which includes regular trips to the gym and monitoring what he's drinking and eating. He's decided not to drink over Christmas, despite the boozy nature of the holiday season, in order to prepare for One Direction's next tour, On the Road Again

20-year-old Styles is certainly well prepared as the main part of the tour doesn't begin until June. A few tour dates in Asia are booked for February and March but the main leg of the tour will kick off in Cardiff before heading to Europe and North America through July and August. One Direction will then be back in the UK and Ireland throughout September and October. 

Styles spoke to the Mirror at the Glam Rock Christmas party and revealed he won't even be enjoying a tipple of Christmas day! "I'm on the wagon for fitness reasons. I work out really hard and the quickest way to see results is to cut out the booze - especially wine and beer. If anything, I usually have a vodka tonic but I'm totally dry for Christmas," Styles revealed.

It couldn't be a more difficult time to be teetotal but Styles is seeing it as a challenge. Styles said, "It's the worst timing because everyone's partying but I'm testing myself."

Booze isn't the only thing Styles is swearing off of over Christmas. He's also not going to be indulging in his favourite treat - ice cream! "Ice-cream is off limits too - I love it so much," Styles reportedly said.

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One Direction
One Direction photographed in Madrid at the 40 Principales Awards, December 2014.