Have the One Direction boys suddenly decided to commemorate Lady Diana, the People's Princess, to coincide with the release of the Naomi Watts-starring film, Diana? Unlikely, but the leak does seem to be rather well-timed.

One Direction
A new One Direction Song Has Been Leaked.

The band have just landed in Australia for the down-under section of their tour after the recent box office success of their on the road documentary movie, This Is Us. The band may be strapped aboard a skyrocket to fame and fortune, but this didn't stop their new single 'Diana' being leaked over the weekend.

Thought to be from their upcoming November album, Midnight Memories, 'Diana' went viral as soon as it was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday. Whether or not the track was a leak or a "leak" is not known, but the new song gives us an early insight into the band's third album, and a taste of the new sound the boys have teased us with.

One Direction This Is Us
The Song Could Be A Leak From Their Forthcoming Album.

Speaking about the follow-up to 2012's Take Me Home, Louis Tomlinson has said: "There will be a new album this year with a rockier and edgier tone to it," via Capital FM. He added "We've written a lot of the songs on it. It's a bit more edgy. It's grown as we've grown."

Listen To The Leaked 'Diana' [Low Quality]:

In an age where seemingly every pop star is trying to reinvent themselves from the bubble gum stereotype by becoming "rock stars," including Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Geri Halliwell, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus, One Direction are the latest in a line to promise rockier music.

One Direction This Is Us Movie
What Do You Think Of 1D's New Sound?

So what's the verdict on 'Diana'? It's fast, it's shouty and uses crashing pianos and the catchy chorus "Diana! Let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes." Occasionally we hear the "vroom" of an electric guitar but it's still very much a pop song about swooning women and saving "Diana."

No doubt, there'll be plenty of speculation as to who the song could be referring to. Some of the lyrics seem quite specific, as if there was a particular girl in mind. "It's only been four months but/ You've fallen down so far," sings Zayn whilst Harry croons "I speak a different language/ But I still hear your call."

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The Band Are Currently On Tour In Australia.

Catchy chorus? Sensitive, nice guy lyrics? Some "oh oh oh's"? Repeated use of the word "baby"? Quadruple check! Just throw in the potential dating rumour of the track's mysterious muse and you have a melting pot of 'Directioner' fan frenzy. Batten down the hatches: of course it's going to be huge.