Everyone’s favourite ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ segment, ‘Mean Tweets’ made a comeback on Tuesday’s edition of the late night talk show and this may be the meanest one yet. The segment’s third music special featured stars including One Direction, Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato, who all had to read out some of the shadiest (and funniest) comments made about them on social media.

One DirectionOne Direction were forced to confront a mean tweet on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.

While Ed Sheeran might be enjoying huge success stateside, it seems not everyone’s a fan. The red-haired singer read out a tweet which proclaimed: ‘I can't stand this new Ed Sheeran. Like why TF are you happy on your records. You’re a f****** ginger for f**** sake’.

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Country star Blake Shelton was told ‘If I could choose to punch one piece of s*** in the face it would be Blake Shelton. F*** that bloated asshole’. There were some equally harsh words for Demi Lovato whose mean tweet read: ‘Omg Demi Lovato makes my ears bleed stfu you talentless t*** you're giving me a heart attack’.

Drake, who on a previous edition was told he looked like Voldemort, was now told he resembled ‘a ferret with a baby afo’. Another tweeter wanted rapper Wiz Khalifa to know he looks like ‘he smells like Biz Markies toilet brush’.

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Even One Direction weren't safe, as their mean tweeter pondered: ‘Don’t understand the world’s obsession with One Direction. What is attractive about little boys with gross hair and skinny jeans?’

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets - Music Edition #3 in full here: