OneRepublic LiveOneRepublic has been releasing a lot of new music lately

What OneRepublic fans also got at the end of last month - something brand new and never before heard this time - is the original song that the band recorded for the upcoming film, The Giver. 'Ordinary Human' shows off the darker side of Tedder & Co., but it's still as excellent as OneRepublic singles tend to be. Where did the inspiration stem from? According to Tedder, it came straight from the movie itself. "They played me the movie and it inspired the lyrics, it inspired the music, the whole vibe," he said on The Today Show. While a movie soundtrack may seem odd for OneRepublic, it's nothing that they aren't familiar with: Tedder co-wrote Christina Aguilera's hit, 'We Remain,' from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last year.

For those looking for a brand new OneRepublic album already, you might have to wait a little while longer. Tedder has reportedly been in the studio with One Direction to work on their upcoming album, as well as with Adele on her new music, too. Later this month, Ariana Grande's new record, My Everything, will be released with the Tedder-assisted track, 'Why Try.' OneRepublic wraps up their touring cycle in October, so it's safe to assume that they'll probably be working on new stuff by the end of the year. Until then, there's going to be plenty of Tedder around to keep your ears occupied.