Oprah Winfey’s decision to call it quits on her hugely popular chat show hasn’t seen her popularity wane, and neither has it seen her influential status diminish as she’s been voted the most influential celebrity according to Forbes.

The E-Poll Research saw 48% of people surveyed rate Winfrey as influential. Last year, she managed 49% of the vote, but a year is a long time when you’re in the public eye, and she’s staved off competition from people like Beyonce – who she recently interviewed in a high profile piece – to stay atop the list. But even though she’s quit the chat show, she hasn’t quit chatting. Her interview with Lance Armstrong despite his reluctance to talk to the media, was watched by 28 million people from around the world. Her OWN network has seen Prime-time ratings up 17% already this year. The online service ranks more than 7,500 celebrities based on 46 attributes, so with 48%, Winfrey will certainly be basking in this limelight. 'Lincoln' director Steven Spielberg came in second while Martin Scorsese was third.

Oprah WinfreyInfluential - Winfrey

Film directors continue to dominate the top 5, with Ron Howard and George Lucas coming in fourth and fifth respectively. Dr. Mehmet Oz – a protégé of Winfrey’s comes in sixth, Barbara Walters is seventh, U2’s Bono is eighth, author Suze Orman is ninth and Clint Eastwood rounds off the top ten. Despite the list being topped by a woman, there are only three women in the top ten.