Momma O’s been whipping Li-Lo’s butt in to shape after her recent shenanigans filming her self-titled reality show on OWN, “Lindsay”. Oprah had been informed by the film crew working on the reality show, which is aired on Oprah’s TV network, that Lindsay had been difficult to work with as well as not keeping to schedule. Documentary crew claimed they have been ‘held hostage’ by the Mean Girls actress, who caused ‘chaos’ and was constantly ‘screwing around’.

lindsay lohan oprah winfreyOprah is not pleased with how Lindsay Lohan has been treating the camera crew

Oprah’s reaction to the (quite frankly unsurprising) news? How can we put this mildly...she was pretty pissed. Oprah flew out to Lindsay’s home in New York and gave Lohan a piece of her mind. Telling Lohan to ‘cut the bulls***’, Winfrey added she would not allow her to ‘f*** up’. "Who can do any work if the person does not show up?" asked Winfrey, who also explained, "My thing is, this is exactly what everyone said was going to happen, and I believed differently."

We’ve got to say here, while Oprah is one of the most powerful media moguls as well as a great talent and inspiration herself, we have to agree with the people who warned her about Lindsay’s behaviour. Lohan has been in and out of trouble for years and seems pretty adept at promising others she will turn her life around, before immediately going back to her old ways.

Lohan became tearful when discussing her bid to stay sober, "I know I can’t have one drink, I can’t, and I play back the whole story about what I have been through to myself. To throw everything away is not something I am willing to do. I have also not put myself in stupid situations of going out at night to clubs."

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