Oprah Winfrey has confirmed her involvement in an upcoming biopic of the late American actor and comedian Richard Pryor. The 60-year-old added a photograph to her Instagram account in which she posed alongside Lee Daniels and Mike Epps. She added the caption "just finished a great 1st read session" and used the hashtag "RichardPryor". 

Oprah Windrey
Oprah Winfrey will reportedly play Richard Pryor's grandmother in the upcoming biopic.

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Daniels also shared a slightly different picture, adding the caption "And we're off... Get ready y'all for #richardpryor". Whilst Epps wrote the three of them were "making magic for Hollywood" on the caption of yet another photograph. 

Pryor died in 2005 at the age of 65-years-old and had led an incredible, yet tragic life. He was raised by his abusive grandmother in the brothel she owned and was imprisoned whilst serving in the US army during the 1960s. He continued to enjoy a successful film and television career and became well known for his criticism of racial inequalities in the US. 

Winfrey is set to play, according to TMZ, Pryor's grandmother Marie Carter. The entertainment website claims she is anxious to show her 'gritty' side. She will star opposite Epps who has been cast in the role of Pryor. As E! reports, Epps was competing with the likes of Eddie Murphy and Marlon Wayans for the role. 

Epps has evidently been doing research and added a picture to his Twitter with Pryor's widow and manager Jennifer Lee. Pryor notoriously married seven times but to five different women. He married Lee twice and she became his manager towards the end of his life. She seemingly approves of the project and has, as Epp puts it, given the film her "blessing". 

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