Oritsé Williams' solo career is a chance to ''get a lot off [his] chest''.

The 28-year-old singer - who is releasing a new single under the moniker OWS - has insisted his new sound will be very different to that of his former boyband JLS, who broke up in 2013, as he is now able to be himself while the 'You Make Me Wanna' hitmakers were more about ''manufacturing music for a specific demographic''.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''This time around, obviously with me doing my solo stuff, I'm just getting a lot off my chest. It's music that I love. Not really manufacturing music for a specific demographic or audience. I'm just making music that I love and I get to write about what I want and get a lot of it off my chest in my music. I'm able to be creative with different things for example like getting to write my first video. I've never done that before during my time with JLS so I'm getting to be creative on all levels that I want to be creative on.''

The 'Waterline' singer - who nearly always wore a hat when performing with JLS - went on to talk about how the video for his new single 'Waterline' represents his departure from the boyband.

He explained: ''There's a lot of deep things in short residual snippets [in the video]. You know it goes through talking about things like childbirth to stereotypes and religion, race, sexuality to the start of one era and the end of another. My hat falling into the sea is the end of one era and that's my time with the group and stepping forward into the sea is me pushing forward as OWS.''

'Waterline' featuring Pusha T is available to purchase now: http://smarturl.it/Waterline-EP