Orlando Bloom is the latest victim of an online leak of nude photographs, with images of him on the beach while on holiday in Italy this week with his new girlfriend Katy Perry launched into the public domain yesterday.

The Daily Star and New York Daily News both carried images splashed across their front pages of the 39 year old English actor with strategic modesty black boxes as he attempted body-boarding in the sea at an Italian beach.

It caused a deluge of people to hit the search engines on Thursday morning (August 4th) in search of uncensored images – you can be sure that, fairly soon, you won’t be able to avoid the unedited ones.

“Come on Twitter don't let me down. Where's the uncensored Orlando Bloom pics at?!??,” and “Disgusted by the intrusive paparazzi shots of a nude Orlando Bloom. But I need to see the uncensored versions so I can be extra outraged” were typically light-hearted responses on social media as the topic quickly began to trend.

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Bloom has not yet commented on the unexpected news of his naked body being shown on tabloid papers on both sides of the Atlantic, nearly 24 hours after the story broke.

Orlando BloomOrlando Bloom has been dating Katy Perry for nearly a year

You may recall a similar thing happening to Justin Bieber late last year, when he was snapped from extreme long-distance as he was standing on the decking of a private beachside apartment while on vacation. This was something he was extremely upset about, claiming it was an invasion of privacy.

It’s different in this instance, however, in that Bloom was on a public beach apparently completely oblivious as to his A-list status and the possibility of nearby paparazzi. Reports even suggest that there were other people on the beach at the time.

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