Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber are reported to have clashed on a night out on the island of Ibiza. Footage is alleged to show the immediate aftermath of Bloom having taken a swing at the pop star, though the video is too grainy to actually identify either of the two.

Orlando Bloom punch
Orlando Bloom, pictured leaving Comic-Con, is alleged to have swung his fist at Bieber

Exact details are sketchy as to who actually started the incident, but according to eyewitnesses at the Cipriani restaurant on the island, Bieber squared up to Bloom before the punch was swung, at which point the singer’s entourage swiftly interjected and broke up the scuffle before it could get out of hand. Bieber then left the restaurant, and his exit drew a round of applause from onlookers. You can see it for yourself, it's currently up on TMZ.

The restaurant was filled with a number of other celebrities, including Paris Hilton and Diddy. After the incident, Bieber posted a picture of Kerr on his Instagram account before taking it down shortly afterwards.

Justin Bieber punch
Justin Bieber's entourage broke up the scuffle at the restaurant

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The two have been on bad terms for quite a while now, ever since Bieber was spotted flirting with Bloom’s then-wife Miranda Kerr at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show back in 2012. This incident reportedly triggered some tension between the couple, who split up in 2013.

In a mirror image of that episode, Bloom was seen earlier this year with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in Los Angeles, which sparked unconfirmed dating rumours. Perhaps it was this history that's at the root of the trouble, though of course this is only speculation at this point.