Ok, so the romance at Comic-Con is definitely secondary to the first order of business, which is always nerding out. But when Orlando Bloom and Nina Dobrev are seen attending several parties together and, according to the Daily News “getting cozy” with each other, you can bet it’s going to generate headlines for at least a couple of days afterwards.

Orlando Bloom
Was Orlando Bloom romancing a new lady at Comic-Con? Reports point to "yes".

So, are they or aren’t they? Well, obviously we don’t know, because as famous as they are, both Bloom and Dobrev have the right to their privacy, as well as very clever publicists, capable of manufacturing any kind of impression about their clients.

That said, both stars are newly single, after Bloom split up with Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, and Dobrev ditched Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder. The pair (Bloom/Dobrev) did some catching up at at Playboy’s party for A&E’s show Bates Motel at SDCC, instantly sparking rumours.                                                  

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Nina Dobrev
With or without Bloom, Nina Dobrev looked #flawless at SDCC.

Apparently they enjoyed each other’s company, because the two were seen together again at after midnight at the exclusive Nerd HQ party “dancing very closely, flirting, laughing and whispering in each other’s ears.”

According to the NY Daily News’ “spy”, “Orlando is usually reserved, but he had his hands around her waist and he was dancing with her very closely. At one point, I really thought they were going to kiss.”

Ok, so that may have been a little TMI, but it still doesn’t mean that the pair are “together” together. The pair’s reps have not commented. Our verdict: inconclusive.

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Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom
Kerr and Bloom separated back in October 2013.